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  • 1 Ingredient
  • Not a Stimulant!
  • No Shaky or Speedy feeling
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Not a Chemical — It is a food product
  • Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan
  • Not Processed

Use Essentia with your Same Routine and still see the results, or change your routine and see drastic changes!

Essentia is EU Approved, Patented in 37 Countries, and has been Clinically Proven to improve multiple weight and diabetic contitions.

The super fiber in Essentia Sprinkle soaks up and eliminates the fat in the foods you eat!

There's never been an easier way to lose weight than Essentia. Just sprinkle it on your food as directed and let Essentia Sprinkle absorb and eliminate up to 30% of the fat in the food you eat. This all natural, highly absorbent soluble fiber will not alter the taste of your food and can be used on breakfast foods, lunches, dinners and snacks, anything you eat.

Take the convenient Essentia Sprinkle packets wherever you go and turn any food you eat into a diet food. Essentia Sprinkle absorbs 200 times its weight in water which gives you a sense of fullness, then eliminates the fat from your system rather than allowing it to be digested. Essentia sprinkles are 0 calorie, 0 cholesterol, 0 fat, vegan friendly, Kosher certified and gluten-free.

The key ingredient in Essentia is obtained from perennial tubers unique to Asia including a Japanese root called Konnyaku, one of the most absorbent fibers on the planet. This key ingredient has been studied and enhanced in Japan for 300 years resulting in a unique weight loss sprinkle with over 100 Clinicals.

Best of all, Essentia is not a drug or herbal stimulant. It is a natural food product with no side effects, safe for children, helps regulate blood sugar, enhances digestion and helps eliminate toxins from your digestive system.

Turn your favorite foods into low-fat meals!

So many of the fatty foods dieters avoid, such as dairy, meat and eggs, are loaded with healthy nutrients, such as protein, essential amino acids, calcium and other important vitamins and minerals. Plus, these food groups are staples of the meals you love to eat.

Well, now you can enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about the high percentage of saturated fats. Just sprinkle Essentia on your dairy, meat and egg dishes. Essentia Sprinkles help eliminate up to 30% of the fat! Bon apetite!

Essentia and Longevity

Almost all health professionals agree that reducing the amount of calories you consume will extend your life. But recently, scientists weren't exactly sure why. Important new research has revealed that the secret to living longer is associated with reducing the amount of IGF-1 in your diet. IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor-1), also know as 'The Aging Hormone", is found in saturated fat. It makes sense. Since most excess calories come from fat, reducing fat is an efficient way of reducing calories and reducing IGF-1.

Studies show conclusively that the key ingredient in Essentia when sprinkled on food absorbs a portion of calories and fat and eliminates it from your body. Not only does Essentia help you lose weight, it significantly helps promote your long-term health goals.

300 Years in the Making

The Essentia Sprinkle product was developed by a family in Japan who has researched and refined this highly absorbent sprinkle since 1670, through 10 generations. So, Essentia has literally been more than 300 years in the making. The product's patent is approved in 37 countries and includes studies published in Lancet, the world's most respected medical journal, as the “6th essential ingredient” for a healthy life.

The key ingredient in Essentia Sprinkles was also lauded in Japan’s Journal of Nutrition for its “cholesterol controlling functionality.” The Essentia fiber was also presented at the 4th International Conference on Diabetes as a dynamic product for glycemic control. And the prestigious International Journal of Obesity cited the product for its efficacy in weight reduction for children, adults and the elderly.

Some health professionals consider this natural food product the most sophisticated health discovery in recent times. This remarkable key ingredient has recognized health claims approvals from a joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on food additives. The EFSA (EU) has substantiated the product claims for cholesterol improvement and Body weight loss. Health claims have also been approved in USA, Russia the EU, Canada and Japan.

The product has been the subject of more than 60 International clinical studies, including 14 safety studies with EFSA, GRAS.

The Essentia fiber has received approval as a natural supplement proven to:
  • Regulate Appetite
  • Regulate Extra Calorie Absorption
  • Regulate Cholesterol Absorption
  • Improve Metabolism
  • Delay gastric Emptying Time
  • Enhance Intestinal Health
  • Enhance Immune Capacity
  • Lower Insulin and IGF-1 activity
Essentia Sprinkles are:
  • Zero Calorie
  • Zero Cholesterol
  • Zero Fat
  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Kosher Certified
  • Gluten Free
  • Patented-Flavor Enhancing-Texture Improving

Scientific Description

Sprinkling your food with Essentia promotes a minimization of postprandialinsulin surge and lowered energy density of the food you eat, essentially creating a lower calorie content and lowered IGF-1 and insulin activity.

Essentia Sprinkles absorbs 200 times its weight in water and give you a sense of fullness, while eliminating more calories rather than letting them be absorbed.

Essentia Sprinkles will not alter the taste of your food and can be used on virtually any type of food; breakfast foods, lunches and dinners. Just take the on-the-go packet wherever you go, sprinkle it on your food to reduce up to 30% of the fat content and calories.

This odor-free and tasteless super fiber also takes on the flavor of whatever food it's sprinkled on or cooked with. The highly absorbent fiber adds bulk without any known sides effects such as bloating or diarrhea, which fills up those spaces in your stomach and naturally reduces your appetite.

Ingredients: Essentia Sprinkle is an all-natural ingredient obtained from perennial tubers unique to Asia, including a Japanese root called Konnyaku, resulting in a highly purified super-molecular hydrocolloidal polysaccharide.

Chemistry: The key ingredient in Essentia is a branched super-molecular hydrocolloidal polysaccharide connected by 1-4 linkages and has an average molecular weight ranging from 200,000 to 2,000,000. Its acetyl groups along the backbone contributes to its solubility and are located, on average, at every 9 to 19 sugar units. Essentia is highly refined, pure grade and is easily soluble in cold water and forms the highly viscous solution with a pH between 4.0 and 7.0. The addition of a mild alkali to the solution results in the formation of a heat-stable gel that resists melting, even under extended heating conditions.

Use: Sprinkle all natural Essentia on any food and it will regulate the absorption of calories and macronutrients, including fats and carbohydrates. Simply sprinkle Essentia on your food and when it hits your stomach it expands and creates a viscous gel, literally trapping a portion of the food you just ate.


Professional Figure Athlete Alissa Parker is Pumped Up about Essentia

She's a top professional figure athlete with a rock hard body and clean living lifestyle. So, when she was introduced to Essentia, saw the mass-market appeal of its all-natural, science-backed Calorie Reduction Sprinkle and started using it, Alissa Parker knew she had to get involved.

"I'm like most people, the easier and healthier it is to lose weight, the better. I started using Essentia's Calorie Reduction Sprinkles about six months ago and as a professional athlete I was extremely impressed.

The product is called Essentia Sprinkles. It's all-natural, tasteless and you simply add it to any food and you can automatically reduce the calories from fat by 30%. It slows down digestion, makes you feel fuller longer and you can even cook with it. Hands down one of the best Products 've ever used."

-Alissa P.
San Diego, CA

"I have been able to lose 10 pounds that I have not been able to take off"

"Having spent 35 years in the weight loss field with major medical clinics and counseled thousands of patients, using almost every product related to weight loss imaginable, I am excited to finally use a product myself that easy to use and works great!

Being a senior it becomes harder and harder to keep my weight under control even though I know all the ins and outs of weight control. Essentia Sprinkles has been the greatest addition to my diet regimen to keep my weight down and under control. It is easy to use, has had no side effects and I have been able to lose 10 pounds that I have not been able to take off."

-Dr. Myles H. Bader, DrPH/HSc, B.S., CNS, FACAN
Preventive Care Practitioner
Loma Linda University Graduate


Published Clinical Study #1

Effects Of Essentia™ On Obese Patients
Walsh David E., Gaghoubian Gazgen, Behgorooz Ali;
International Journal of Obesity; 289‐293, 1983


  • 20 Obese Women


  • Double-blind placebo control study for 8 weeks
  • Active – 1 g (0.035 oz) of Essentia™ taken 1 hr prior to meals
  • Placebo
  • No Dietary Changes — Patients eat/drink whatever they like


  • Body Weight
  • Triglycerides
  • Serum Cholesterol
  • LDL Cholesterol
  • HDL Cholesterol


  • Significant Mean Weight Loss (5.5 lbs)
  • Significant Reduction of Serum Cholesterol (21.7 mg/dl)
  • Significant Reduction of LDL Cholesterol (15.0 mg/dl)

Published Clinical Study #2

Double‐blind Evaluation of Active Ingredient of Essentia vs Placebo in Post infracted Patients after Cardiac Rehabilitation
Reffo G.C., Ghiradi P.E., Forantini C.,
Current Therapeutic Research, Vol. 47; 753-758, 1990


  • 28 Post infarcted cardiac patients after rehabilitation (24 men & 4 women – average age: 54)


  • Double-blind placebo control study for 8 weeks
  • Active – 1 g (0.035 oz) of Essentia™ taken 1 hr prior to meals
  • Placebo (13 subjects)
  • No Dietary Changes — Patients eat/drink whatever they like


  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Body Weight


  • Cholesterol at 0 weeks: 235
  • Cholesterol at 8 weeks: 215
  • SBP at 0 weeks: 144.6
  • SBP at 8 weeks: 137.3

Published Clinical Study #3

Essentia™ Hypertensive Outpatients: Pilot Clinical Trial
Reffo G.C, Ghardi, P.E., Forrantini C.
Current Therapeutic Research Vol. 44;22-27,1988


  • Hypertensive Outpatients
  • n= 31 )males = 10; Females = 12) Average age 51.6 yrs.
  • 4-Week Placebo Controlled


  • Group A - 1g(0.035 oz) of Essentia™ 1 each of 3 meals
  • Group B – Essentia™ + restricted calorie regimen
  • Group C – Placebo Control


  • Essentia™ is useful as a natural obstacle to nutrient intake in maintaining energy balance and the management of obesity
  • Weight Decrease (2.4kg)
  • Serum Cholesterol decrease (13%)
  • Triglycerides decreased (36%)

Published Clinical Study #4

Dietary Treatment of Severe Obesity


  • 50 obese Patients (15 men & 35 women – average age: 39)


  • Group A: 4 g (0.141 oz) / day of Essentia to be taken in 3 doses
  • Group B: Placebo + Diet therapy
  • Group A+B: Prepared meals were offered


  • Body Weight
  • Triglycerides
  • Glycemic values
  • Cholesterol
  • Intestinal Function


  • ... (Essentia group) ... had a more significant weight loss in relation to the fatty mass alone, an overall improvement in lipid status and carbohydrate tolerance, and a greater adherence to the diet in the absence of any relevant side effects. » ... and well tolerated even in the long-term treatment of severe obesity.

Published Clinical Study #5

Pharmacologic Intervention Program Childhood Obesity & Dislipidemias: Usefulness of Essentia
Rodoriuez de Roa, Elsy et al., Jose Ignacio Baldo Hospital, Vargas Hopital, Gastroenterology Department Risk Factors Condulation (Unpublished Study)


  • 31 children & adolescents of age 9‐19 years (4 men & 27 women – average age: 15.2)


  • 8-Week Placebo Controlled Study
  • Essentia Group: 1 g 3 times a day at the meals
  • Placebo Group
  • Caloric ingestion was not decreased during the study


  • Weight decrease (4.29 kg)
  • BMI decrease (1.89 units)
  • Waist diameter decrease (2.75 cm)
  • Cholesterol decrease (10.5 %)
  • Triglycerides decrease (25.4 %)
  • Fasting Glycemia decrease (9.8)

The obtained results allow to recommend the use of ... Essentia in obese and dislipidemic children and adolescents

Published Clinical Study #6

Essentia improves Glycemia and Other Associated Risk Factors for Coronary Hear Disease in Type 2 Diabetes
Vladimir Vuksan, David J.A. Jenkins et al.,
Diabetes Care, Vol 22, No.6: 913-919, 1999


  • 11 hyperlipidemic and hypertensive type 2 diabetic patients (5 men & 6 women – average age: 62 for men & 59 for women)


  • Double-blind placebo control study for 8 weeks (3 weeks; 2 weeks washout; 3 weeks)
  • Active: instructed (0.7 g/100 kcal, essentia) 3 times a day as a snack with an 8-oz beverage
  • Placebo: instructed (14 g/day placebo fiber) 3 times a day as a snack with an 8-oz beverage
  • NCEP Step 2 diet provided with 3 meals provided under metabolic conditions


  • Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Glycemic level


  • Rapid Cholesterol and Triglyceride Improvement After Only 3 weeks of Essentia

Summary of Clinical study results

  • Loss 2.4 kg of pure fat for 4 weeks
  • Reduction in waist circumference of 2.8 cm for 8 weeks
  • Reduce of LDL ("bad") cholesterol by 20% in three weeks
  • Reduction of blood glucose by 30% for 4 weeks
  • Reduction of triglycerides in the blood and up to 36% for 8 weeks